We have simplified Cash Management account services and payments by putting the speed of our entire network to work for you.

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Optimise and improve cash flow.

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Get efficient cash collection and delivery.

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Cash Management Account Services

Current Accounts

Our Corporate Current Account is a low-cost operating account to satisfy all your banking needs.

An interest-earning account offering customers a return on their funds.

  • Funds normally placed on 7 or 15-day deposit period
  • Anytime withdrawal of funds subject to one-day notice
Foreign Currency Account

Accounts in major world currencies, such as GBP, Euro and USD. The account is non-interest bearing. Talk to your Relationship Manager for available currencies.

Fixed Deposit

Funds deposited for a fixed time period at a fixed rate of return at maturity. Can be offered in foreign currencies.

Corporate account payments

Payments SCR Transfer

Payment made in SCR to accounts within Barclays or to other local banks.

Foreign Currency Transfer

Payment of foreign currency to beneficiaries in any part of the world, subject to sanctions.

Manager's Cheques

Cheques issued by the Bank for meeting all your local payments, services and commitments, with the added feature of extra security since the Bank guarantees payment.


Optimise your cash flow with Liquidity Management

Liquidity Management

We understand the importance of efficient cash management.

By consolidating your cash, you’ll know just how much you have, which enables you to decide whether to use it for internal funding, reducing borrowing costs or investing surpluses. We’re also able to consolidate balances held at other banks via MT101 sweeping, as well as provide visibility of balances held at other banks through MT940 reporting.

Define your own automated cash sweeping between multiple bank accounts – with reduced administration time and cost.

Your relationship team will work with you to make sure you're getting the best return on your funds. They can also help you use our range of investment products, from call accounts, tiered call accounts to fixed deposits, and structured deposits offered through our markets team.

Bank online 24/7 with Barclays Integrator

Online banking

Our online banking service – Barclays Integrator – gives you the ability to access your corporate accounts when you need to. It’s a quick, convenient and secure online solution that provides access at any time, wherever you are in the world.

Key benefits
  • Integrated Functionality – Through simple and easy access to a core operating platform, designed for Corporate and Business banking clients, you can access a range of products and services through one interface
  • Integrated Security – Multiple security features are integrated to provide maximum security
  • Integrated Expertise – The most advanced technology available, coupled with the best minds in the industry and in-depth research on client requirements
  • Integrated View – You can view all your accounts across Africa through one web application
  • Integrated Service – Barclays is committed to providing you with the best customer service and support for all your electronic banking requirements

The features of Barclays Integrator are as follows:

  • Barclays Integrator is Internet-based and thus eliminates the need for software distribution
  • Provides online access to up-to-date statement information on Barclays accounts held in all countries within Barclays Africa
  • Provides statement and transaction search facility
  • Provides online access to group balance reports, individual account balance reports and end-of-day balance
  • Exports all statement information to a treasury workstation for reconciliation purposes
  • Enables real-time transfer of funds between Barclays accounts
  • Payment to non-Barclays beneficiaries, authorised prior to the specified time, will be in the beneficiaries’ accounts on the following business day and for value, the same day
  • Payments effected through Barclays Integrator are bank guaranteed payments that are received as 'cleared funds'
  • Enables electronic payments to ad hoc/nominated beneficiaries
  • Supports different types of payments – local, inter-account transfer, urgent, local recurring and SWIFT (cross border)
  • Supports mandate-driven collection from counterparty
  • Executes payments from anywhere around the world
  • Updates beneficiary profiles in real time

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