Whether it’s to buy, build, renovate or switch your mortgage over to us, applying for a Home Finance Loan with Barclays is straightforward.

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Best rates

Take advantage of our competitive interest rates.

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No restrictions

You can apply for a secured loan even if you are not yet a Barclays customer.

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A repayment period of up to 25 years.

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Make your dream house a dream come true

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What you get
  • Convenient and flexible repayment terms of up to 25 years
  • Competitive interest rates
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What you need to know
  • The Home Finance Loan is suitable for anyone who wants to buy a new property or improve their current home
  • We can finance up to 80% of the cost of your project
  • Your home or cash can be used as collateral
  • An arrangement fee is applicable when applying for the loan
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What to bring when you apply

Applying for a Home Finance Loan with Barclays is straightforward. You simply need to visit your nearest branch and provide us with the following documents(1)

  • A valid identification document such as Passport or National Identity Card
  • Your latest salary slip
  • A letter from your employer stating your confirmation in role with your current employer if you have been employed for less than one year
  • The plot number of the property to be purchased
  • If you are planning to build a house on vacant land, the plans and quotation from the building contractor will be required
  1. Barclays reserves the right to accept or decline any application based on internal policy
  2. Additional documentation may be requested by Barclays as deemed necessary
  3. If you do not receive any bills in your name, you may bring along the bill of the owner of your residence along with proof of relationship
  4. Other documentary proof may be acceptable. Please consult our Personal Bankers for more information

You may complete the application form beforehand and bring it along to the branch on your visit. This will greatly speed along the process

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