With our ATMs, you can deposit cash anytime of the day using your debit card, without having to go to a branch.

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How it works

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What you can do
  • Withdraw cash (up to SCR15,000 with your Blue and Silver debit card and SCR20,000 with your Black debit card) from any of your linked accounts
  • Deposit cash and cheques into any of your linked accounts
  • View the account balance of any of your linked accounts
  • Transfer funds between your linked accounts
  • Get a mini statement showing your last 10 transactions on any of your linked accounts
  • Request a full statement for any of your linked accounts
  • Change your PIN
  • Request a cheque book if permitted for your account type
  • Pay your bills from Intelvision, PUC, Airtel and Cable & Wireless

* You can link your current and savings accounts to your debit card. However, only one account (a current account) will be available as the primary account. Other accounts will be available as secondary accounts.

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How to deposit cash
  1. Insert your debit card and enter your PIN at selected Barclays ATM
  2. Select the ‘Cash Deposit’ option
  3. Insert your notes in the deposit slot (up to 40 notes at a go)
  4. Click ‘Done’ to finish your transaction or ‘Add more’ for more deposits
  5. Confirm the deposit and collect your deposit slip
  6. The funds will be immediately credited to your account

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