Your Barclays VISA Electron debit card gives you access to the money in your account 24 hours a day, whether you are in Seychelles or overseas.

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Pay for your purchases at over 24 million locations worldwide and online
Withdraw cash from over 1 million ATMs worldwide
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Accepted at any VISA Electron pay point

Use your VISA card for a wide range of transactions

Your debit card will give you access to payments, withdrawals and online purchases everywhere VISA cards are accepted.

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Using your Barclays debit card at Barclays ATMs in Seychelles

You can withdraw cash at any of our 15 ATMs found at convenient locations on Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. At Barclays ATMs you can:

  • Withdraw cash up to the daily limit set for your card:
    • SCR15,000 for Blue and Silver cards
    • SCR20,000 for Black cards
  • Check the balances of your accounts*
  • View and print mini statements*
  • Request a statement by post*
  • Change your PIN
  • Pay bills from PUC, Intelvision, Airtel and Cable & Wireless
  • Transfer money between the accounts linked on your card

* Available for accounts linked to your card. Note that you may link more than one account on your Barclays debit card, but only one account will be nominated the primary account from which Point-of-Sale transactions and cash withdrawal on other banks’ ATMs will be debited.

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Paying for purchases online

You can use your Barclays debit card to pay for goods and services online wherever VISA Electron is accepted. We strongly recommend that you ensure that merchant is a reputable one and that the website is secure. Before entering your card details, check that the website address changes from http to https, indicating that the transmission of the card information from your browser to the server is encrypted.

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Paying for purchases in shops

Use your Barclays debit card to pay for good and services wherever VISA Electron is accepted. Ensure to check that the amount on the terminal tallies with your purchases before entering your PIN or signing the sales slip. You can spend up to the available balance on your account, or the amount of any agreed overdraft if applicable.

We recommend that before you make any purchase you check with the merchant if VISA Electron is an accepted card type to avoid any disappointment or embarrassment.

“Conveniently keep track of your finances through SMS Alerts”

The SMS Alerts service will send an SMS message to the mobile phone number that you have registered with us each time a requested transaction is passed on your account. It is a very convenient way of keeping track of your finances, allowing you to stay updated and in control of the transactions on your account.

With this service, you can decide which transactions you want to be informed of and set it to alert you:

  1. Of any credit or debit transactions above a specified amount
  2. Of debit card transactions
  3. Of salary credits
  4. With daily or weekly balance updates

You may activate SMS Alerts on any current or savings account. Internet banking subscribers can easily do this online, by navigating to the Alerts menu under Customer Service. Otherwise, if you are not an internet banking subscriber, you need to bring a valid ID document to your nearest Barclays branch to register for the service.

While the registration process is relatively straight forward, if your customer details are not up to date in our system, in compliance with current regulations, we will take this opportunity to ensure that we update everything. In such case, you may be required to bring an address confirmation document. If you wish to know if this will be required beforehand, please call our Contact Centre to find out.

Please consult the latest Schedule of for any applicable fees for the service.

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Keeping track of your finances with your Barclays debit card

Whenever you use your Barclays debit card to pay for purchases, your statement will show the name of the merchant where the transaction took place, the date and transaction amount. We also monitor transactions to protect you against your card being used fraudulently. Make sure that your contact details are up to date so that we can contact you in case we suspect fraudulent activity or notice unusual spending patterns on your card.

Card security features for your peace of mind

Your card and money is protected by a 4-digit PIN that you enter when withdrawing cash at ATMs and when paying for purchases at some Point-of-Sale terminals. To protect your card against fraudulent use, we will lock your PIN after the third failed attempt to enter it.

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Protect your card and PIN
  • Remember that your card is your cash and you need to treat your card the same way as you would cash by never leaving it unattended
  • Sign your card the moment you receive it
  • Destroy any old cards
  • Do not keep your card and cheque book together
  • Keep your card transaction receipts safe and dispose of them carefully
  • Check your statements regularly and contact us immediately if you notice any transactions that you don’t recognise
  • We monitor your transactions for fraudulent activity and may need to contact you if we suspect any fraud. To assist us, please ensure that we have your up to date contact details
  • Memorise your PIN
  • Never tell anyone or write down your PIN
  • We will never ask you for your PIN, so never quote it to any of our staff or in any correspondence to us
  • When entering your PIN on an ATM or on a PIN pad in a shop, shield your hands to that anyone nearby will not be able to see what you are typing on the keypad
  • Do not allow anyone else to use your card or PIN
  • If you suspect that someone knows your PIN, change it immediately at any Barclays ATMs in Seychelles
  • On completing a cash withdrawal transaction, discreetly put your money and card away
  • Be vigilant of others around you when using an ATM machine. Avoid using the ATM if you notice any suspicious looking individuals loitering around the ATM
  • Do not take advice from 'helpful' strangers that happen to be standing near an ATM, especially if your card has been unexpectedly retained
  • If anything looks suspicious or unusual when you are at the ATM then do not use it Instead call our Contact Centre if the ATM belongs to Barclays or move a reasonable distance from the machine and call the police if it belongs to another bank
  • Contact us immediately if your card is retained by an ATM for an unknown reason
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Other security precautions you can take

Store and dispose of information about your accounts such as correspondences from us to you, account statements and card transaction receipts carefully. Fraudsters use many methods such as ‘dumpster diving’ or ‘bin raiding’ to get this type of information, which they may use to commit identity theft. Always ensure that we always have your current address for sending your statements and correspondences so that they do not end up in the wrong hands.

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If your card is lost or stolen

Contact us on +248 4383973 immediately if your card is lost or stolen and we will block your card. To get a replacement card you will need to visit any Barclays branch, bringing along with you a valid identification document.

Need more help?

Barclays Call Centre:

(+248) 438 3939

Lost/Stolen Card Hotline (24/7):

(+248) 438 3973

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